Who are you?

I’m Lisa and I live in Edinburgh. I spent ten years teaching Modern Languages to students in both primary and secondary. I’m not in the classroom anymore because I now work as a translator and proofreader (www.lisabryce.com) but I still love dipping into my creative side and making resources for lovelanguage.co.uk subscribers.

Your online store uses “Stripe” rather than “PayPal”, why is this?
Both “Stripe” and “PayPal” are very secure payment systems. I use “Stripe” because your card data is never saved with lovelanguage.co.uk, it just goes directly to “Stripe”. This means:

  • I are automatically PCI compliant because I don’t handle any sensitive card data.
  • It is more secure because a breach of servers won’t result in any stolen card data.

If you would like to know more, this article tells you all you need to know: Stripe vs PayPal: Who Should You Choose?

How can I request resources?
If you have subscribed, you can get in touch through private message on either Twitter or Facebook, or email hello@lovelanguage.co.uk.

What resources can I request?
A wide range of things! If you have seen a resource for one topic that you think would be suitable for another, that can be created. Likewise, you might have an idea for a resource yourself and just want it put together. Alternatively, you might have a pupil that requires a different font or size for their resources. All these things can be done.

When will I receive my vocabulary support pack?
Your purchase will be emailed to you within four working days.

Why is my vocabulary support pack not a physical product?
By sending you a digital product you are able to use it in far more ways. Ideas for how the cards can be used will be sent with your pack.

When will I receive my subscription log in?
Your log in information will be emailed to you within four working days.

Why can I not save the resources I have subscribed to to my own device?
Subscribers are asked not to save resources to their own devices partly for copyright reasons but also to ensure the most up-to-date versions of the resources are used. If anyone shows an interest in the resources, please direct them to www.lovelanguage.co.uk/store.