The quest for dyslexia-friendly resources

A few years ago, I became increasingly aware of the number of pupils being diagnosed with Dylexia, or Dyslexic-type traits, in my classes and was concerned with a couple of things…

Exploiting my resource-full-ness

I do like a bargain! I also like a challenge and most recently I have been trying to see just how many ways I can think of to use my French and Spanish vocabulary cards

Earth Day

It’s Earth Day on 22nd April so I thought it the perfect time to upload my Environment, Pollution and Recycling mega bundle to TES. But, of course, it’s already available to subscribers!

European Day of Languages

So, the schools are back (in Scotland, at least!) and it’s time for me to remind you that I have a selection of pretty fab European Day of Languages resources ready and waiting for you and your classes.

Seasonal section

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it got me thinking about what seasonal resources I have available to subscribers on the website and the truth is not much! Well, that’s about to change!

Who wants just boring, old topics anyway?

Okay, so it’s in the curriculum and has to be done but sometimes I want to teach what I know is going to make their eyes open wide – I want to shake things up a little!