Vocabulary cards

Get involved in your child's language learning

Some children can find vocabulary learning a little daunting when learning a language but one of the best ways to support your child is to use visual aids – that’s how we learn our first language after all!

By purchasing a pack of Love Language vocabulary support cards, you can work with your child to help increase their foreign language knowledge and improve their memory skills. Who knows, it might even improve yours too!

Just download, print, cut out the cards and start playing… sorry, I mean learning!

What do you get?

There are 10 vocabulary support packs available (5 French and 5 Spanish) covering the following topics:

  • The basics
  • Where you live
  • Food and drink
  • School
  • Sport and free time

Each pack comes in 3 formats (image and vocabulary, vocabulary only, image only) and is accompanied by a bilingual word list and ideas on how you can use these cards to their full potential.

Packs cost £5 each or you can buy all 5 packs for £20. If you are interested in purchasing a pack, please use the “Get in touch” box at the bottom of the Home page.